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There are people which doesn’t get too attached to their home. They like to go out all the time and just need a place to sleep. Another type of people is those to whom home is very important. Me and Maria are these kind of people. As much as we love to go out, travel, etc. We really love spending time at home – ours or one of our parents.

Kamera: Zenit11
Juosta: Ilford Pan 100
Kadrai: Marijus

Maria and Micky. Things not always go the way you want. Some days you have to figure out why something is happening not the way you would want. But home is the place where you can find peace.

Home is also the place where you can relax and dream about whatever you want. Why not put up a hammock in your balcony and just ‘hang in there’ for a bit? 🙂

I guess Maria likes old cars. It’s my parents’ old Lada 2107.

Curly hair fits her, right?

Micky also enjoys being there with us

Another very important thing about our home – it is surrounded by a forest! After I’m done with writing this we’ll go there for a walk. You have to be near nature. When you get far from it – it starts to weigh your shoulders and you can’t figure out what’s wrong. Five minute walk in the forest can do magic!

I know, it’s blurred, but it just fits here perfectly.


So this is what home is to us. All these photos are taken from a single roll made with my beloved Zenit 122 camera and Ilford Pan 100 film. Cheerio!



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